BD Lenz

B.D. Lenz – Juxtaposition. Performed Live at Theoc House

B.D. Lenz Trio - Juxtaposition

B.D. Lenz Trio are a New Jersey band, who we saw performing at Theoc House, Tewkesbury, during their UK tour.  We love these guys, they are true professionals, performing a fusion of rock and jazz with real energy and passion.    

B.D. Lenz is joined by James Rosocha on bass and Joe Falcey on drums for this performance.  

"...Part of the reason for his accessibility is that he not only fuses jazz and rock, he complements it with warm chords of funk, soul, and rhythm and blues..." – New York Times 

"Contemporary jazz guitarist BD Lenz's quartet lays down a funky, jamming vibe...integrating catchy good time grooves with moodier, blues-inflicted pieces..." – JazzTimes 

“Straight so there, so ideal, so darn near perfect that it makes a listener want to head straight up there in a pilgrimage to quality..." – Jazz Improv 

Lenz is of the ..."20 New Jersey musicians – 40 and under - who should be a big part of the state’s jazz future." – Newark Star-Ledger 

“Lenz has mastered his instrument and his confidence overflows everywhere..." – All About Jazz 

“... Lenz's sophisticated playing belies his high-school kid looks balancing the smooth jazz sensibilities of Larry Carlton with the harder-edged jazz-rock fusion...” – Princeton Packet

BD Lenz
live music performance
B. D. Lenz

Theoc House host regular Jazz Club evenings.  Artists perform either downstairs in the bar area, or upstairs in the library where diners can enjoy the performance whilst they eat.  

Please click here to see more from Theoc House Jazz Club. 

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