Independent Media Production for The Music Industry

GoStudioLive specialise in live performance films, artist photography, and live music session videography.  We are based in Gloucestershire, UK, but we regularly film festivals and gigs in the surrounding counties.

Live Performance Films

Capture your milestone gigs in film to help you progress to, and achieve the next milestone.  If you are passionate about developing your career as a touring musician, always striving to reach the next level, then a video can be the most effective way to help develop your career.  Take time out to look over the horizon, and document the progression of your journey.  Our videos are designed to help you achieve your goals, not just to make you look and feel good - we do much more than that!

  • An effective tool to help you progress your career
  • Capture your most prestigious events
  • Secure future bookings
  • Document your journey
  • Promote upcoming performances online
  • Boost audience engagement
  • Attract new audiences to your live performances

Please contact us for pricing and further information.

Artist Photography

Photographs are a fantastic way to engage with your audiences online.

  • High quality images
  • Contextual photographs to capture the atmosphere of an event
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Website imagery
  • Maintain engagement with your fans
  • Images for Press Packs / Media Packs
  • Photos for posters

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Live Music Session Videography

Engage with your fans through the power of social media, with a live session video.

GoStudioLive Sessions provide an opportunity to have a live music video of your song filmed and recorded at a fabulous local venue in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, or Oxfordshire.

  • Document the magic of your performance in a wonderful setting
  • An authentic way to get a great music video for your song
  • Audio professionally recorded
  • Creative and Exciting
  • Relaxed and enjoyable

Please get in touch if you are interested in having a live session video.

Festival Films

Festival films are designed to promote the festival, giving audiences an insight into the atmosphere and vibe of the event.  Our videos focus on the experience of the festival goer, and include imagery from the performances, audience and event, synched with original audio from the festival. 

  • Synched audio-visual experience
  • Original music recorded at the event
  • Focus is on the experience of the festival goer
  • Connect with festival audience

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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