Live Music Videography

GoStudioLive supports artists and venues through live music performance videography, music production, and reviews.  

We specialise in live music performance and festival videography.  Working with event organisers and artists we capture the performance, and produce a unique and authentic  documentary journalistic style video.

Quality Assurance

Festival showreels are designed to promote the festival, giving audiences an insight into the atmosphere and vibe of the event.  Content includes imagery from all around the event, snippets of the performances and of the audience.  Material is released by GoStudioLive only after having been approved and released by the event organiser who has commissioned the video.

Editorial control for live music performance videos is retained by the artist.  GoStudioLive seek approvals from artists before releasing material.  As specialists in our industry it is essential to us that the artist has confidence in the quality of our product.

We use professional equipment to create artistic videos with high quality audio.  Adrian, creator of GoStudioLive, is a musician and a recording engineer / producer, with over 30 years experience in the music industry, so capturing the best sound really a priority.

Our videos and reviews can be shared across social media platforms to boost audience engagement.


Our Services Include:

  • Live Music Videography
  • Festival Showreel Videography
  • Concert Videography
  • Audio Recording and Production
  • Live Music Photography
  • Performance  & Event Reviews

If you would like to learn more about our services please get in touch.