Paul Jordanous Ensemble Performing Live at Jazz Stroud

London based Paul Jordanous and his jazz ensemble performing live at The Brunel Goods Shed at Jazz Stroud festival 2019.  

Jazz Stroud is a fabulous weekend festival which encompasses the best of contemporary and traditional jazz from around the UK.  Performances are held at various venues throughout the town.  For further details please visit  

Paul Jordanous Reviews:

Blues & Soul Magazine: “Here is an artist who has paid his due, bided his time and struck when the moment was right. Jordanous’s calibre as a masterful craftsman is a treasure to behold. Expect alot more from this cat!”

Richie Rainlore: “Jordanous as a formidable player with prodigious chops”

Oxford Jazz Cellar: “Paul is a force of jazz nature, soaring be-bop lines mixed with the pin-point accuracy of classical technique and achingly gorgeous melodic lines.”

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